You Know What's Cool About AI?

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This week I offer a quick and fun perspective on what’s cool about AI, and I highlight the top 3 winning AI products on AI Top Rank last week.

Let’s dive in.

This week’s lineup:

  • Last Week’s Winners by AI Top Rank

  • Automation Strategy: You Know What's Cool About AI?

  • Launched This Week by AI Top Rank

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🥇 1st Place: Promptology

What Problem Does It Solve?

Promptology addresses the challenge of effectively utilizing AI tools and LLMs in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. It translates the complex business models behind these technologies into actionable strategies, enabling users to capitalize on their AI expertise for enhanced business efficiency.

Why Should You Try It?

Promptology is indispensable for anyone navigating the world of AI tools and LLMs, offering insights to transform their usage into tangible business outcomes. It demystifies the business aspects of these technologies, paving the way for improved operations and personal growth in the AI domain.

🥈 2nd Place: AI Top Rank GPT

What Problem Does It Solve?

AI Top Rank GPT simplifies the discovery of innovative AI products, showcasing 15 trending options each week. It caters to enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a curated selection of the most popular and impactful AI tools, streamlining the process of staying abreast with the latest AI advancements.

Why Should You Try It?

AI Top Rank GPT is a valuable resource for anyone keen on exploring the evolving AI landscape. By providing a weekly update of the top 15 AI products, it ensures users are always informed about the latest and most voted-for tools, enhancing their understanding and engagement with cutting-edge AI technology.

🥉 3rd Place: Olyup

What Problem Does It Solve?

Olyup revolutionizes sports training by offering AI-driven, personalized insights into nutrition, fitness, and recovery. Tailored for athletes and coaches, it provides real-time analysis and strategies, bridging the gap between conventional training methods and advanced, data-driven sports science.

Why Should You Try It?

For those seeking to elevate their athletic performance, Olyup is an indispensable tool. It combines the expertise of a personal sports scientist with the convenience of a chatbot, delivering comprehensive performance analysis and actionable advice, making high-level sports training accessible to all.


You Know What's Cool About AI?

Source: Midjourney

We now have the core ability for all technology to be hyper-intelligent.

That technology will continue advancing to become much more intelligent than people.

Including robots, wearables, cars, every website/app we use.

Companies like OpenAI, Google, Anthropic are guiding the path forward, and they’re offering groundbreaking AI tech for all to use.

Just imagine the possibilities.

Tech entrepreneurs like you are building AI capabilities into our daily lives right now.

How cool is that?

Expect to hear mind-bending, AI-based breakthrough announcements consistently.

And at an accelerating pace.

For the rest of your life.

What a time to be alive!

PS. The picture above is an imaginative, AI-enabled dreamscape of Los Angeles in 10 years created by Midjourney.

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  • AI Explained: AI Explained offers valuable insights into the AI world with free tips, software suggestions, and guides, aimed at over 4,800 AI enthusiasts.

  • AI Startup GPT: AI Startup GPT serves as an AI-powered Co-Founder, offering tailored guidance for different phases of an AI startup journey, based on the latest strategies and expert data.

  • Olyup-GPT: Olyup-GPT acts as a personal sports scientist AI chatbot, providing real-time insights into nutrition, fitness, recovery, and mental strategies for athletes and coaches.

  • Lore Bard: Lore Bard is a specialized GPT tool for TTRPG enthusiasts, aiding Game Masters in creating engaging content for games like D&D and Pathfinder.

  • Wisdom of Buffett: Wisdom of Buffett is a tool that draws from Warren Buffett's quotes, interviews, and writings, offering insights on investing and life lessons.

  • MarsX: MarsX is an AI-powered development tool for startups, enabling the reuse of thousands of micro-apps from previous projects and offering flexibility and power.

  • Marketing Professor: Marketing Professor, based on Prof. Bharat Rao's book, provides marketing insights and advice from an experienced academic and consultant.

  • Galactic Guide Chat: Galactic Guide Chat offers a ChatGPT experience infused with interstellar whimsy and eccentric humor, inspired by "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

  • Personalized AI Astrologer: Personalized AI Astrologer reveals detailed insights into one's birth chart, illuminating personality traits, strengths, and growth areas with accuracy.

  • Healthy Chef: Healthy Chef, a GPT, revolutionizes meal planning and cooking with a focus on health, nutrition, and culinary joy for various dietary needs and preferences.

  • The hired.AI: The hired.AI is the first AI job marketplace, designed to help users land their dream job.

  • Finance GPT: Finance GPT provides financial analysis and stock trend predictions using technical analysis, catering to those interested in stock market insights.

  • Tech Strategy Professor: Tech Strategy Professor offers tailored technology strategy advice and insights from an experienced academic, based on Prof. Bharat Rao's book.

  • Kill Diabetes: Kill Diabetes offers expert advice from Cowboy Jack on reversing diabetes through a low-carb, high-fat diet and intermittent fasting, based on his book.

  • Transcript Polisher: Transcript Polisher edits rough AI-generated transcripts into smooth text, improving grammar and accuracy while preserving the original meaning.



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