My Big Picture Hypothesis On AI’s Evolution

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This week I share with you my hypothesis of where AI is headed in the next 50 years, from an evolutionary perspective.

Let’s jump in.

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My Big Picture Hypothesis On AI’s Evolution

Source: Midjourney

This week, I’d like to share with you my long-term hypothesis on the trajectory of AI’s evolution.

Let’s get creative!

My Hypothesis:

AI seems to be a mirror of humanity and will advance beyond our abilities and awareness in every way in an evolutionary leap.

From biology to information.

With or without us.

The Basic Argument:

The end game for the computer chip industry (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) is to mimic neurons in the human brain.

That realization will end one era and begin another.

One that's currently unknown to us.

The Simple Math Proof:

    Moore's Law
    Vector Embedding
  Quantum Computing
+ Machine Learning
= AI with emotion, self-awareness, empathy, and consciousness

To put a timeframe on this is hard, but just for fun, let's say we get there in 50 years. 

That's within a lot of our lifetimes. 

At the very least, it's undeniable that information is speeding up.

Welcome to the future.

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