Leveraging GPTs for Profit

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This week I share a game plan on how to leverage GPTs for profit.

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🥇 1st Place: Shutter Pal

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

Shutter Pal is a comprehensive photography mentor, addressing needs ranging from technical guidance on camera settings to artistic insights for storytelling through images. It excels in offering both beginner and advanced photographers advice on aspects like aperture, ISO, composition, creativity, and even post-processing techniques in software like Adobe Lightroom.

Why Should I Try It?

Perfect for both aspiring and seasoned photographers, Shutter Pal is like having a personal photography tutor at your fingertips. Its ability to critique photos and provide targeted advice makes it an invaluable tool for improving photography skills, enhancing both the technical and artistic aspects of your work.

🥈 2nd Place: Metatag Generator

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

The Metatag Generator addresses the challenge of creating effective and converting meta tags for websites. By analyzing your page content and generating enticing meta tags, it enhances your website's click-through rate from search results, thereby increasing visibility and user engagement.

Why Should I Try It?

For anyone looking to boost their website's performance in search engine results, the Metatag Generator is a must-try. Its ability to craft customized, compelling meta tags ensures your website stands out, attracting more clicks and visitors.

🥉 3rd Place: Seabiscuit: Press Prep

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

Seabiscuit: Press Prep offers a unique solution for businesses aiming to enhance their media presence. It provides comprehensive and professional press kits, streamlining the process of media outreach and public relations, ensuring that businesses present a newsworthy and impactful image to the public and press.

Why Should I Try It?

If you're looking to elevate your business's media profile, Seabiscuit: Press Prep is an essential tool. It not only simplifies the creation of professional press kits but also significantly boosts your chances of making a memorable impact in the media landscape.


Leveraging GPTs for Profit

OpenAI has released new AI tools called GPTs that are customized versions of ChatGPT perfectly suited to complete specific tasks.

You can build powerful GPTs using 3 key ingredients: prompting, niche knowledge, and “actions”.

It will soon be possible to make money by creating unique GPTs and selling them in OpenAI's marketplace.

However, the bigger opportunity for you lies in building custom GPTs for businesses using OpenAI's Assistant API.

Agencies and businesses need freelancers like you who can expertly create and implement GPTs for clients.

To succeed, learn Python and JavaScript (or have ChatGPT write it for you) to leverage the Assistant API, build a portfolio showing off your GPT skills, join communities to connect with potential clients, and establish yourself as a GPT specialist.

As this landscape evolves rapidly, you should stay on top of developments (by being active on platforms like X), gain relevant skills, and adapt to new AI advances to capitalize on the bountiful opportunities headed your way.

Wishing you the best on your GPT journey!

If you’d like to share anything with me, DM me on X, I’d love to talk with you.


  • CGDream.ai: An app from CGTrader that combines 3D models with generative AI to produce unique 2D images, offering unparalleled control in image composition and design for various creative professionals.

  • BlitzBear: Analyzes content ranking, suggests SEO improvements, and automatically serves optimized pages to enhance website performance without CMS interaction.

  • Image to Prompt Generator GPT: Allows users to upload AI-generated images and receive a prompt to replicate similar images, simplifying AI image generation.

  • Free AI Prompt Generator: Generates a wide array of prompts for AI image generation, providing inspiration and ease for creating art with popular AI tools.

  • PPTX.ai: Transforms documents or descriptions into tastefully designed presentation slides, delivered directly to users' inboxes.

  • Grok GPT: Combines humor, trivia, and chatbot capabilities, offering a unique mix of entertainment and information with a witty twist.

  • Ascendance: Offers personalized, gamified learning experiences with custom tutors, lessons, and quizzes that adapt to individual progress and interests.

  • Snowball: Aids solopreneurs and creators in generating AI-optimized social media posts, engaging replies, and planning content effectively.

  • Viral Hook Maker: Provides over 300 hook templates to enhance the visibility and engagement of social media posts on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Bedtime Storyteller: Uses storytelling frameworks, like PIXAR's 22 rules, to create engaging narratives and even comic strips.

  • Mojju: Specializes in providing custom GPT solutions for OpenAI, including integrations with Zapier and Stable Diffusion, supported by continuous updates and a skilled AI team.

  • Caricature GPT: Offers four distinct styles for personalized caricatures based on user-submitted photos.

  • Moshi AI: Designed for blog and Shopify store owners, offering quick, hassle-free creation of SEO-ready articles to enhance content production.



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