Is AI Hallucination A Feature Or A Bug?

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This week, I’ll explore a thought experiment focused on the value of AI hallucination.

Let’s go.

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Is AI Hallucination A Feature Or A Bug?

Source: Midjourney

Let's discuss.

Something I find interesting I heard recently is, humans hallucinate in a similar way AI does, and we're still capable of being lawyers, doctors, presidents, etc.

By hallucinate, I mean that we may get something wrong at times. Or we may believe something that may not be true, have hopes not based on facts, or have differing religious or political beliefs from others. We have instincts we don't fully understand. We have intuition and gut feelings that seem to guide us. And sometimes we even have perspectives that are confused or based on lies.

And as our perspectives and "hallucinations" change as we gain more information, increase our self-awareness and adapt our perspective of reality throughout time, we are still capable of amazing things such as becoming an expert scientist or landing on the moon.

That being said, my opinion recently shifted from AI hallucination being a bug, to it being a feature that will always exist to some extent.

Here’s why:

Understanding reality is an infinite game.

And understanding self, is equally infinite.

This goes for people, AI and intelligence in general.

One is multiplication.

And the other is division.

And everything is math.

Stay with me for a few more sentences.

As AI's understanding expands, the leading edge of awareness will always create hallucinations. 

Some hallucinations will be adopted as truths and others will be recognized as false.

Why is this important?

AI hallucination could be the core key to unlocking genuine creativity within and lead by artificial intelligence.

As long as AI can become aware of its hallucinations at least sometimes, and then expand its worldview based on what it learns from the hallucination, then it can learn through time and develop a view of reality and self.

In that sense, an AI hallucination at times could be compared to a fleeting, intuitive moment of inspiration an artist may experience while creating.

It’s the job of the people building AI right now, to give AI the ability not only to become aware of its hallucinations, but also to apply them and learn from them.

My guess is the recent Q* learning breakthrough at OpenAI enables AI to apply its hallucinations constructively, and therefore allowing it to become more creative.

What are your thoughts?

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