A Guide To ChatGPT Prompt Writing

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In this issue I provide an insightful guide on how you can level-up your prompt writing skills on ChatGPT.

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AI Feeeed is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore and utilize AI tools effectively. It offers expert reviews, community insights, and user feedback, making it easier to choose the right tool with confidence based on both features and real-world effectiveness.

🥈 2nd Place: Taskade

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Taskade revolutionizes task management and team collaboration with an AI-powered platform that automates over 700 tasks, featuring dynamic workflows, AI-enhanced visualization, and an AI chat assistant for efficient project coordination.

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Taskade is an ideal solution for teams seeking an intuitive and versatile productivity tool. Its AI-driven functionalities, combined with real-time collaboration features, including video chat and integrated meetings, make it a powerful 'second brain' for enhancing team productivity.

🥉 3rd Place: GPT Studio

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GPT Studio streamlines GPT development by offering prompt history tracking and export, enabling developers to efficiently manage their prompts and analyze historical data. It's a pioneering solution for those looking to improve their GPT applications through meticulous tracking and data analysis.

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For GPT developers seeking enhanced control and insight into their prompt history, GPT Studio is an invaluable tool. Its user-friendly features, including easy export options and advanced analytics, provide a comprehensive approach to prompt management, making GPT development more efficient and effective.


A Guide To ChatGPT Prompt Writing

In today's fast-evolving AI landscape, mastering the art of crafting prompts for ChatGPT is crucial for AI product creators and startup founders. The ability to communicate effectively with AI not only enhances productivity but also unlocks innovative solutions. Here's how to harness ChatGPT's potential through effective prompting:

Key Strategies for Effective Prompts:

  • Defining Clear Objectives:

    • Begin with a clear goal for each prompt. Whether it's generating ideas, solving problems, or creating content, your objective should guide the structure of your prompt.

  • Understanding ChatGPT's Capabilities:

    • Familiarize yourself with ChatGPT's strengths, such as language understanding, data processing, and creative output. Leverage these to maximize the quality of responses.

  • Crafting Specific and Detailed Prompts:

    • The more specific your prompt, the more targeted ChatGPT's response. Include all necessary details and context to guide the AI.

Practical Prompting Techniques:

  • Iterative Refinement:

    • Start with a broad prompt and refine based on ChatGPT's responses. This iterative process helps zero in on the most effective solutions.

  • Combining Creativity with Constraints:

    • Encourage creative responses within set boundaries. For example, request innovative marketing strategies that align with a specific budget.

  • Leveraging Examples:

    • Provide examples within your prompts to guide the AI towards the desired output style or content.

Advanced Prompting Strategies:

  • Utilizing Follow-up Questions:

    • Engage in a dialogue with ChatGPT. Use follow-up questions to delve deeper into topics or clarify responses.

  • Experimenting with Different Formats:

    • Try various prompt formats, like questions, statements, or hypothetical scenarios, to explore diverse response types.

  • Incorporating Feedback Loops:

    • Integrate feedback into your prompts to refine ChatGPT's understanding and output continually.

Ethical and Practical Considerations:

  • Respecting Data Privacy:

    • Ensure that prompts do not require or generate sensitive personal information.

  • Avoiding Bias:

    • Craft prompts that avoid reinforcing biases, keeping in mind the diversity of your audience and ethical AI principles.

  • Understanding Limitations:

    • Acknowledge ChatGPT's limitations, particularly in areas requiring up-to-date information or deep technical expertise.


Effective prompting is a skill that enhances the power of AI tools like ChatGPT. By mastering this art, AI product creators and startup founders can unlock innovative solutions, optimize workflows, and stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

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  • Shownotes: A comprehensive tool for summarizing, transcribing, and converting audio content into blog posts, supporting multiple languages and formats, and integrating with platforms like YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

  • Lexica: An AI-driven platform for creating and exploring AI-generated images, offering advanced image generation from textual descriptions and a user-friendly interface for both creation and browsing.

  • AudioPen: Transforms voice notes into structured, readable text, simplifying the conversion of spoken thoughts into organized written content for various applications.



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