A Glimpse Into The Path Of An AI Creator

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This week I offer a small glimpse into the path of creating a business as an AI creator. Maybe you can relate?

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🥇 1st Place: SPARK

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

SPARK ✧ leverages the advanced capabilities of Dall-e 3 to transform creative visions into stunning visuals effortlessly. It's specifically designed to optimize image generation with easy-to-use instructions and presets.

Why Should I Try It?

With SPARK ✧, you can effortlessly generate incredible images, making it ideal for artists, designers, and anyone seeking visual inspiration. Its user-friendly presets and optimized instructions make high-quality image creation accessible to all.

🥈 2nd Place: Mentat Advisor

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

Mentat Advisor offers an immersive exploration into the rich themes of Frank Herbert's "Dune," blending education and entertainment. It's a unique GPT-based platform for engaging with the saga's complex ideas on politics, power, and ethics.

Why Should I Try It?

Whether you're a seasoned Dune aficionado or new to the series, Mentat Advisor provides a novel way to engage with the saga, offering deep insights and thought-provoking discussions. Its educational and entertaining approach makes it a must-try for fans and scholars alike.

🥉 3rd Place: YogiGPT

What Problem Does This Product Solve?

YogiGPT🧘‍♂️ revolutionizes meditation practices by providing personalized sessions quickly, based on individual preferences, directly through mobile GPT voice technology. It stands apart from traditional meditation apps by offering more tailored and interactive experiences.

Why Should I Try It?

YogiGPT🧘‍♂️ serves as your personal meditation guide, offering a unique blend of technology and spirituality for a deeper, more personalized meditative experience. Its quick, customized sessions read aloud by GPT Voice make it a convenient and innovative tool for mindfulness.


A Glimpse Into The Path Of An AI Creator

Source: ChatGPT

One day you don’t know what to make.

Then you blink, and you’re building it.

Now you need to validate your idea.

Next thing you know, you’re talking to potential customers about their needs.

One day you don’t have any revenue.

Then after showing up every day for however long it takes…

You make your first $1 online.

And you realize you can reproduce your effort to help others.

So you craft your offer.

You see your MRR increase.

Now you look back to reflect on what got you here.

You kept up with the mind bending AI developments every day.

You learned lessons, through trial, error and asking for advice.

You offered more than you expected to receive.

You showed up every day.

And you made friends along the way.

If you’d like to share anything with me, DM me on X, I’d love to talk with you.


  • Shutter Pal: Offers in-depth technical and artistic photography guidance, including camera settings, lighting, composition, creativity, storytelling, and post-processing techniques in software like Adobe Lightroom, as well as photo critique and advice.

  • Seabiscuit: Press Prep: Provides comprehensive and professional press kits to enhance business media outreach and public relations efforts.

  • Spokes: Features AI-driven autonomous agents tailored to individual style and goals, capable of interacting with documents and images, creating queryable databases, and integrating with various communication and business platforms.

  • Metatag Generator: Generates enticing meta tags for websites, analyzing pages to improve click-through rates from search results.

  • Idea Spark: A streamlined brainstorming tool offering visual idea mapping, trend insights, and smart templates, all powered by AI for focused innovation sessions.

  • B12 AI Websites: The first website GPT for creating personalized, professional websites quickly and easily, including business tools like payments and scheduling.

  • IPOGPT: An AI-driven tool guiding entrepreneurs through the stages of developing and scaling a business, focusing on ideas, paths, and opportunities.

  • GPTs by RLPH: A set of GPT apps and games, including a game builder, roasting tool, dating assistant, design reviewer, and various interactive games.

  • The 4 Hour AI Workweek: Ignition: A comprehensive course for modern high-performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders to leverage AI for time saving, stress reduction, and automated system building in sales, marketing, branding, and business.

  • Vulnerability Researcher GPT: Specializes in uncovering and addressing code vulnerabilities and offering clear, detailed explanations on technical topics for a wide audience.

  • Structured Prompt Architect - GPT: Enhances GPT models for peak performance and precision, revolutionizing AI prompt engineering.

  • Smart Contract Analyzer: Analyzes EVM-compatible smart contract source code across various networks like Ethereum and BSC, offering expert analysis.

  • Movie for your mood: A model that assesses emotional states and recommends movies accordingly.

  • Advisor Birds: A panel of AI advisors for children ages 4-6, offering answers and stories.

  • Find My Aesthetic GPT: Helps discover personal aesthetic and style preferences based on image choices, aiding in creating visual projects and color palettes.



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